Business Support Services
Su Lacy

A short contract in the form of a Letter of Engagement which sets out the specifics of your requirements, the fee agreed and payment terms will be sent to you.  Work will commence as soon as this signed Letter of Engagement has been received.
Fees are based on an hourly rate reflecting the complexity of the task.  You pay only for the time taken and services provided.  Time spent completing tasks on your behalf is accurately logged.  The cumulative time spent will be rounded up to the nearest full 15 minute block.
An additional cost will be levied for disbursements such as printing, copies, postage, telephone calls, mileage etc incurred in carrying out the task.
An invoice will be issued on the last day of the month during which the work has been completed and this should be settled 15 days from date of invoice, unless otherwise negotiated.
Payment is to be made by cheque or BACS. 
Your work will always be handled in a confidential and secure manner.